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I peaked Master top 54 EU in LoR, Challenger top 45 RU in LoL, Legend Rank in Hearthstone and Pro Rank in Gwent. Contact me if you're interested in card games or top/mid coaching in League of Legends. I specialize in bruisers and tanks and besides that you can be provided an in-depth Renekton coaching session which includes runes, builds, play styles, combos and matchups discussion. Read more
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Renekton50 7,84 4,78 6,24 2,95 210,76 / game 66,0%
Tryndamere43 13,65 4,49 5,07 4,17 193,09 / game 90,7%
Sett14 5,36 5,93 5,29 1,8 179,43 / game 35,71%
Fiora11 9,27 2,82 4,82 5,0 163,45 / game 100,0%
Garen7 11,86 5,0 5,29 3,43 185,71 / game 71,43%
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Coaching duration
20 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
40 €
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Conduct0r
10 mar 2023
Platinum IV to Platinum II
Amazing booster
Amazing booster !! Awesome skillz / Faster / And he take time to share tips with the customer !! You got to try him !
5 mar 2023
Diamond III to Master
Incredibly fast
Incredibly fast and straight forward
4 oct 2022
Battle Pass Level Up
Really communicative!
Really communicative!
2 jun 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
Had great
Had great communication and was very informative! Was able to muster out results with the limited cards I had and gave me pointers on how to play the few decks I had made!
30 dic 2021
Diamond IV to Master
There is
There is no better LOR booster on this platform or any other site. Simply amazing. Super professional, quick, reasonable honestly you couldn't wish for better
21 dic 2021
7 Guaranteed wins
Simply amazing.
Simply amazing. This guy is the reason DJ Khalid made the song win all day. Orders are always taken care of super quick!
21 dic 2021
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
Seriously speechless
Seriously speechless this guy is awesome got the order done SUPER SUPER quick!!! I'm amazed
30 nov 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
18 nov 2020
7 wins in Bronze IV
He the
He the best, love him.
5 nov 2020
Silver III to Silver I
best of
best of the best in everything...good job my frien
3 nov 2020
Silver I to Gold IV
Very fast
Very fast and perfect service. Thanks a lot !
21 sept 2020
6 Placement matches Unranked
very nice
very nice and good and informative. however does best on renekton and accounts that does not use renekton might be weirded out.
31 ago 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
Excellent booster!
Excellent booster! Fast delivery!
27 ago 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
Very good,
Very good, super respectful and professional
10 ago 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
Exceptionally fast
Exceptionally fast
8 ago 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
awesome as always
awesome as always
1 ago 2020
2 wins in Silver I
very good
very good
31 jul 2020
3 wins in Gold III
Fast and kind!
Fast and kind!
5 jul 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
I'm surprised,
I'm surprised, it was so fast. Thanks again dude.
5 jul 2020
Gold II to Platinum IV
Always super fast
Always super fast
4 jul 2020
7 Guaranteed wins
good guy,
good guy, always quick on the order and nice in chat
29 jun 2020
Silver II to Gold IV
quick, trustful
quick, trustful and transparent
18 jun 2020
Diamond IV to Master
Booster was
Booster was very nice, good schedule, and very talented
11 jun 2020
Diamond IV to Master
At first
At first I kept messaging the admins asking when my booster will finish my order. He had his reasons why he couldn't go online early. But despite this, he is a very honest man. He really knows how to satisfy his customers. He is good at what he does and I'm hoping I can hire him again in the future when I need him. :)