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Playing league and boosting since s4, tft sinc set1. Each season Challenger\GM. High elo TFT booster.
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124 reviews
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Genuine customer feedbacks about lizzard
21 mar 2023
Gold I to Platinum IV
Fast and
Fast and friendly booster with some advices how to win, i recommend it
1 feb 2023
Gold I to Platinum IV
polite and helpful
polite and helpful
27 ene 2023
Platinum II to Diamond IV
Best tft
Best tft booster. (Previous boosters are all scam detail below) 1st previous booster: Scanor Total game play:27 Wins: 12 Placed 7 and 8th a lot. Place before i order P1 37lp Before he pass to other booster: p2 32lp "The most scam booster i ever met Do not get him as booster" 2nd booster: Code Total game play: 13 Win:6 games Not bad as Scanor, but I won't let him as booster. DO NOT EVER choose 'Scanor' and 'Code' as your booster. They took more than 40games and couldn't recover my elo, but Lizzard only played 8 games and complete it. Awesome.
28 nov 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
Very professional.
Very professional. Communicate regularly on the progress of the order. A very good booster!
21 nov 2022
Platinum II to Diamond IV
Fast and friendly
Fast and friendly
4 oct 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
'Did it
'Did it really fast and clean! Everytime <3333333333
30 sept 2022
Bronze II to Gold IV
super fast
super fast
12 sept 2022
5 Placement matches Master I
Awesome as always
Awesome as always
1 sept 2022
Silver I to Gold III
Super nice
Super nice and fast
27 ago 2022
Bronze II to Gold IV
Fast, courteous
Fast, courteous and efficient!
26 ago 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
very friendly,
very friendly, very quick. i like it
25 ago 2022
2 wins in Platinum II
24 ago 2022
Platinum III to Diamond IV
I talk
I talk and learn a lot while we was doing my boost. Thanks to him <3
17 ago 2022
Gold II to Diamond IV
Fast, friendly,
Fast, friendly, won almost every match. Fun to watch and learn from.
7 ago 2022
4 hours coaching with lizzard
lizzard coached
lizzard coached me through an earlier order. He was so knowledgeable, I extended my time via private coaching. He's amazing and I highly recommend him!
4 ago 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
lizzard was
lizzard was amazing! I cannot state this enough, I struggled to reach diamond on my own, and he helped me place 1st 2 games in a row. Absolutely amazing!
4 ago 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
Clean, fast,
Clean, fast, was funny to discover new things :D
1 ago 2022
Platinum III to Platinum II
He was
He was awesome. Great and informative and patient with me when I made mistakes, explained things when I was confused or there was something he thought would be helpful.
31 jul 2022
Iron I to Silver IV
Very nice
Very nice and calm, tried to learn me some tips while playing
30 jul 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
30 jul 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
superr good,
superr good, good stream quality
23 jul 2022
Master to Master
Very friendly
Very friendly and professional booster! Also funny and make me comfortable while playing with him. Lizzard is just the best TFT booster I've ever met. I will definitely order him again.recommended 10/10 .. thanks
20 jul 2022
5 Placement matches Unranked
Ultra good S++++
Ultra good S++++
17 jul 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
Very fast
Very fast and efficient booster. 12/10 would recommend