booster rating 4,9 (84)
Challenger Booster . Its my fulltime job , When you gonna assign an order i will start it directly and gonna finish asap . Feel free to assign . Offlane player so can play any lane..
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booster rating 4,89
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84 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Graves147 10,44 5,56 7,08 3,15 208,13 / game 61,9%
Diana117 8,97 5,21 7,08 3,08 197,78 / game 70,09%
Sylas94 7,96 5,41 6,65 2,7 149,01 / game 67,02%
Irelia88 8,73 5,88 5,11 2,36 217,6 / game 65,91%
Akali82 10,13 5,05 5,61 3,12 165,23 / game 63,41%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Ruko
11 nov 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
Great time
Great time to complete
16 sept 2022
6 wins in Diamond III
we had
we had really fun Ruko!!!
15 sept 2022
Platinum II to Diamond IV
Ruko is
Ruko is a 1v9 machine. Best booster I've ever seen!
1 sept 2022
10 Placement matches Unranked
very good
very good
15 ago 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
I love
I love this guy. Got the job done so quickly. Appreciate it Ruko!
31 jul 2022
Diamond III to Diamond I
hes a god
hes a god
31 jul 2022
Diamond I to Master
He’s best
He’s best booster there is
26 jun 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
good booster
good booster quick clear communicator very good very nice
2 jun 2022
3 wins in Gold II
Great booster,
Great booster, very fast and consistent
2 jun 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
very good recommend
very good recommend
30 may 2022
Promotion from Platinum I
Best Booster
Best Booster you can have !!!!!
28 may 2022
10 Placement matches Unranked
He did
He did a great job, very good jungler and cracked on kindred !
28 may 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
very nice
very nice
26 may 2022
10 Placement matches Unranked
this guy
this guy is insane and fast. literally dropped 17 kills first game.
28 abr 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
Great Job.
Great Job.
25 mar 2022
Gold IV to Gold II
Great player
Great player
20 mar 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond IV
Great player
Great player
13 mar 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond I
The best
The best booster you can have i recommend !
7 mar 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Went from
Went from Silver 1 (12LP) to Gold IV in a matter of no time! Such a quality booster, highly recommend this guy !
6 mar 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
Ruko is
Ruko is a legend! Very fast delivery and really good at the game
22 feb 2022
Gold IV to Platinum IV
Ruko, is
Ruko, is probably one of the best, was very dedicated to the grind even tho i was gaining only 9LP per game he did not complain once and completed it very quickly
19 feb 2022
Silver IV to Silver II
Ruko went
Ruko went above and beyond to get the job done. He is a great player with the ability to play multiple champions and roles. Overall he is just a great guy to play with and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quick and quality boost.
17 feb 2022
Gold III to Gold II
Great and
Great and fast booster, completed in no time.
18 ene 2022
Gold IV to Diamond IV
Ruko is
Ruko is great, he gets the job done. Highly recommend !!!!!