Convertirse en un amplificador ELO Parte I

In this article, an ELO booster will share his journey from a regular League of Legends player to a professional high ELO player who is working as he plays the game. A friend recommended the game to me a few years ago. All that I can recall is that I became addicted to the game instantly. I hit level 30 fast with my friends and at the end of the season we watched Fnatic winning Dreamhack, which changed the way we play forever. From that point I started playing ranked games. Following the tactics from Dreamhack and watching the pros of the game I soon found myself in the upper divisions of the game. We usually played ranked team games that time, which made it easy to us to work on our teamwork that we copied from the best teams that time. As some of my stopped playing the game or ranked team recruited some new members but it was never the same again. As the team fell apart that was the time when I seriously started playing solo ranked games. At first, I found it difficult to play at the same level as I did before with my team. Some would say that this is normal, since playing in a team is always easier. On the other hand, when you start a solo game you will still get a team. The key for me to give my best performance was learning how to handle my team in solo queue games. While playing ranked with friends it was natural to connect with my mates in a pleasant way. In solo queue it’s a whole new story. Because of the toxicity of the player in lower divisions my solo ranked career started off as a joke. Soon I realised that there is barely nothing that I can do in order to help my team win the games when it comes to communication. After many tries and failures, this was the point when I started to work on my lone wolf game style. It is a common fact that ELO boosters share the habit of relying only on themselves. And that was the key to my success in solo ranked games. Since that point it took me one and a half season to see myself in the challenger tier. It was a long journey but it was worth it. As I mastered the game and I’ve been staying in the top tiers for a while now, I decided to play the game for money. As a professional in a LCS team I did not stand a chance. So I decided to do what I do the best, ELO boosting.